Mutiara Kata

Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wassalam bersabda yang bermaksud, "Apabila seorang wanita menjaga solat lima waktu, berpuasa sebulan (Ramadhan), menjaga kemaluannya dan taat kepada suaminya, maka ketika di akhirat dikatakan kepadanya, Masuklah engkau ke dalam syurga dari pintu mana saja yang engkau sukai." (HR Ahmad, Ibnu Hibban, Thabrani, Dishahihkan Al-Imam Al-Albani rahimahullahu dalam Shahih Al-Jami’ Ash-Shaghir, no. 660).

Thursday, July 16, 2009


    • Adjusting your meal schedule.
    • Try to eat more small meals throughout the day.
    • Also, eat larger meals in the morning instead of in the afternoon or
      evening, but a morning meal also helps to burn calories faster by kick-starting
      your metabolism (which has been in slow gear all night while you were
    • Plan your meals in advance, and look at the calories that are in the meal to
      ensure that you have a healthy balanced meal without high calories, and wherever
      possible, plan to bake or roast foods instead of frying (fried foods are almost
      always harder on a diet).
    • When preparing food for the table, a successful diet trick is to use smaller
      plates in order to help reduce the portion sizes.
    • Try to avoid snacking.
    • Cut up healthy snack foods in advance such as carrots, celery, and fruit, so
      that you have something good to reach for in the fridge when you need that extra

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