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Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wassalam bersabda yang bermaksud, "Apabila seorang wanita menjaga solat lima waktu, berpuasa sebulan (Ramadhan), menjaga kemaluannya dan taat kepada suaminya, maka ketika di akhirat dikatakan kepadanya, Masuklah engkau ke dalam syurga dari pintu mana saja yang engkau sukai." (HR Ahmad, Ibnu Hibban, Thabrani, Dishahihkan Al-Imam Al-Albani rahimahullahu dalam Shahih Al-Jami’ Ash-Shaghir, no. 660).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wedding dress

today wednesday..tomorrow is
thursday..then friday cuti will
coming fast the time

actally i don't know what story should wite..but i have a lot of
story to
talk about..

firstly, as a lecturer..sometimes i feel
boring with my job?? u know, only
two days i will teach and three day work
with blind
salary...hahaha..translate from malay to english..from 'gaji
buta' become 'blind
salary' :-)

Supposely my project student should
meet me as their supervisor, i never
choose them but they choose me but they
all don't want to meet me as
schedule....what should i do??angry..mereka dah difficult to teach the
big fiance give 'telur ayam
je' to them..

these student so bad to me even though i had the project
student before.
they all langsung tak nak jupe saya...i warning them, if
their project cannot
achieve their objective, don't blame me..i'm ot wrong
but them..berlagak

they all think, i ni nothing to them.
Ok..if they all tak nak jupe and
discuss what they had done..okey..see in
the final project presentation..i love
my student last sem..January
2009..not this sem...

okey stop my work as lecturer..citer telatah
student we go
to my topic. is about my dress for
solemnazation..i order the jubah from someone
and i got beautiful but
the cloth too jarang for me..nampak my
body...malunyer nak now i
think what should i wear to cover my
aurah... do i make a new cloth or just
do the inner for my jubah..

actually for my wedding day, i do have any
plan to wear more than a
cloth..this is because i don't want to waste fiancee said to
me...just take a cloth because the solemnazation
in the same day with the why i need more cloth to wear it..

when i read the book about Siti Aisyah r.a, wife to
our Prohet Muhammad
s.a.w..i feel so malu...shy to him and
religion never teach me to make
the wedding ceremony like most people do
now..we know that the rukun for
nikah..just 5
* bride
* wali
* akad
* saksi

not more than it...for my
wedding, just has a small pelamin..put the
curtains and some flower and
carpet..just it...normally the people like to rent
many dresses until
hundreds ringgit but wear just to take a why
waste the money..
if you think more, after
marriage still can take a picture with many dressses...
so don't follow the
other people but follow the religion rules...islam is
the beautiful
religion..teach all of them..just we need to find the right things..ok

so for me.. just one dress..jangan MEMBAZIR..ITU

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